What is Shopgate?

Shopgate is a Mobile First platform and has established itself as the world’s leading mobile commerce platform, dedicated to helping online merchants sell their products successfully on mobile devices. Shopgate integrates seamlessly with more than 60 of the most popular shop systems including Magento, Shopify, Oxid, and Plentymarkets. Shopgate’s focus is on developing user-friendly mobile websites and shopping apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The company can base its experiences and successes on its massive data, with more than 40 million monthly visitors and more than 35 million products.

Special features of Shopgate in e-commerce

Shopgate’s mobile websites can shine with a high display speed, which is important for performance on mobile devices. In addition, all content can be individually designed and customized. The combination of both features results in longer retention times, simple operation, more speed and thus a higher conversion rate. The special thing about the design of Shopgate’s mobile websites is that certain payment methods can be integrated as express payment methods.

Amazon Brand Guide

Amazon Pay with Shopgate

Shopgate’s already innovative solutions are further expanded with Amazon Pay as a payment method. The special feature of this extension are the technical solutions provided by Amazon as well as the overall customer satisfaction and optimization of Shopgate. The integration of Amazon Pay could reduce the number of shopping cart abandonments due to the aforementioned peculiarities. Among other things, the conversion rate could be increased as well as sales. In addition, merchants can opt for the “Advanced Payment APIs” version, which allows pure payment processing without transferring item or shopping basket data.

Advantages of Shopgate

  • Generation of regular customers (customer loyalty)
  • Regular customers cost less
  • ROI can be increased
  • shopping app
  • Personal approach through apps
  • Strong branding
  • Permanent activation for apps
  • Wide range of interfaces
  • market leader
  • Free Updates
  • Tailored Performance Marketing Campaigns