What is a Marketplace? The term online "marketplace" refers to an online shop in which, in contrast to the classic online shop of a single retailer, customers can purchase products online from different retailers who sell on their own account via the marketplace. Similar to the fair or weekly market, merchants come together at a [...]


Midtail Keyword

The term Midtail Keyword is defined as follows: A mid-tail keyword is a compromise between the two extremes: the highly competitive, highly demanded short-tail keywords and the less competitive, longer, more conversion-oriented long-tail keywords. The short tail keyword "shoes" and the long tail keyword "shoes ladies autumn bootees leather" would be the mid tail keyword [...]


Mobile Commerce

What is Mobile Commerce? More and more people own and use a smartphone for their daily business. Mobile Ecommerce, or M-Commerce for short, is an exploding market and has long since become one of the most important distribution channels. M-Commerce is regarded as a revolutionary extension of e-commerce and offers completely new opportunities for shop [...]


Mobile Retargeting

How Does Mobile Retargeting Work In Online Marketing? Mobile retargeting is a marketing strategy that re-engages users, who have shown prior interest in a company’s goods or services, by delivering personalized ads to their mobile devices. The strategy is mainly achieved with display targeting. Matching the profile of the user and the previous actions, e.g., [...]



The term multichannel or also multichannel strategy stands for a strategic approach of service providers and acting. In this way, an attempt is made to reach potential customers on several so-called "channels". This can be through targeted advertising (multichannel marketing) or presence on a marketplace. Wikipedia defines the term multi-channel strategy as follows: Multichannel marketing [...]

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