What is an E-Business? The abbreviation e-business stands for the English denomination “electronic business”. The concept e-business can be defined in many different ways. In the 1990s, the concept emerged through the company IBM. E-business employs digital information technologies, in order to simplify business processes. The core issue in this process is the information, communication [...]



What does e-payment mean? Electronic payment (e-payment) concerns electronic money transactions. This term gathers a wide range of payment methods that are merely made online. Products and services payments can be made with the e-payment, which is often mentioned as online payment as well. The e-payment can be basically divided into two groups. The first [...]



EAN-Code The abbreviation EAN-Code stands for "European Article Number Code" and replaced the Global Trade Item Nuber (GTIN) in 2009. The EAN represents an internationally unmistakable product identification for commercial articles. The number consists of 8 or 13 digits. The first 2 or 3 or 7, 8 or 9 digits are administered by the GS1 [...]


Earned Media

Earned Media What is Earned Media? And How Does Earned Media Fit into the Three Media Types in Online Marketing? In online marketing, especially in the Social Web, there are three different media types: owned media, paid media and earned media. They all aim to reach their target groups and together form an essential part [...]


EHI Seal

What is the EHI seal? The EHI seal is a seal of quality awarded by the EHI Retail Institute GmbH for online shops. With the help of seals of approval, customer confidence is to be improved above all. In order for an operator of an online shop to receive a certified EHI seal, 5 steps [...]



What is eKomi? Behind the term eKomi lies a provider for an independent evaluation system. The subline "The Feeback Company" reveals that it is a company that deals with opinions. The main focus here is on customer feedback from an online shop. The aim is for them to report their experiences with both the online [...]


Engagement Rate

What is the Engagement Rate? Nowadays the engagement rate is associated with social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. An engagement rate is a key figure that measures the interaction and activity of a particular content. It shows how many visitors interact with the content. Likes, comments, shares and visitors are among the factors [...]



ERP Systems - An insight into the world of process optimization In order to remain competitive and to ensure one's own entrepreneurial success, speed is of the essence in the modern economy. In order to meet market developments in a particularly innovative and dynamic way, it is very important to organize internal processes in order [...]



What is Eye-Tracking? Eye-tracking records the user's eye movements during interaction with a website or while surfing. Eye-tracking can record and utilize the behavior of the user's eyes. This data provides important insights into the user's "fixations" (points that are closely observed), e.g. to improve user experience and conversion. Eye-tracking in E-commerce Eye-Tracking is used [...]

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