What is OXID?

Oxid eShop is one of the best-known and most popular shop systems for middle class e-commerce. OXID belongs exactly like Magento and WooCommerce to the E-Commerce platforms, however the focus of the E-Commerce system lies especially on the German market. The shop solution is available in three editions: Community, Professional and Enterprise.

The Community Edition contains the basis and therefore the most important features for a successful start. However, extensions should be planned for this edition. Excellent German support and further functions come along with the Professional Edition, a good starting model for different business models. The Enterprise Edition is available for large companies with an extensive product range that focus on expansion and internationalization.

Amazon Brand Guide

Functional shops with OXID

OXID eShop is easy to install and with little effort fully functional online shops can be designed. All versions contain a sufficient number of features for setting up shops. In addition to user-friendliness for the retailer, the shop system is also designed for user-friendliness for the customer. OXID offers a clear frontend for easy navigation and fast product access.

Amazon interface for OXID

With the help of the chargeable Amazon Interface (module) from egate media, an interface between the OXID Shop and the Amazon Seller account can be established. This allows merchants to use the marketplace’s wide reach to generate potential revenue growth.

The interface takes Amazon’s existing specifications into account. It is important for every retailer to be able to import a large number of products automatically. In addition, the extension can easily import orders generated at Amazon into the OXID Shop. In addition to the smooth connection between the OXID Shop and Amazon, the extension offers a thoroughly tested and optimized interface for the retailer.

Installation and user documentation of the Amazon Interface

Export articles to Amazon with the Amazon Interface

  • fully automated ‘triggered’ export, incl. partial updates
  • full support of variants
  • full support of Amazon attributes
  • Inheritance of attributes via shop manufacturers, suppliers, categories and articles
  • Convenient category mapping
  • Support of the various shop price structures
  • optional fields for title, long description and keywords
  • optional control of export via article export flag
  • automatic activation and deactivation of all articles of a manufacturer
  • detailed export report by additional request to Amazon
  • Transmission of data via Amazon web service

Import orders from Amazon with the Amazon Interface

  • fully automated ‘triggered’ import
  • Comparison of articles and stock levels
  • Import of ‘Shipping by Amazon’ orders
  • detailed import report by additional request to Amazon
  • Transmission of data via Amazon web service