Sponsored products are advertisements that are played out on a keyword basis and with which individual products can be advertised. The ads work according to the cost-per-click (CPC) method. The retailer pays when the advert is clicked. If a buyer is looking for a keyword that is stored in the Amazon campaign, the ad will be played if you win the auction. After a successful click, the buyer is forwarded to the product detail page.

Create sponsored products on Amazon

When creating advertising campaigns on Amazon, you can define the duration and budget, as well as the type of alignment (automatic or manual). These settings can be edited for all planned and active campaigns. The minimum duration of an advertising campaign is one day and the minimum bid is 0.02€.

Amazon Brand Guide

The Amazon advertising campaigns can be created with “automatic alignment” or “manual alignment”. The difference between these two approaches is that Amazon determines the Amazon keywords for the automatic campaign. Here Amazon relies on the information of the product listing. With manual alignment, individual search terms can be defined and advertised. Sponsored product campaigns can be created via Seller Central or Amazon Marketing Services.

Amazon PPC Strategy

When creating an advertising campaign, different strategies can be pursued while creating it. When defining the keywords, three different match types are available. This has a direct influence on the playout of the campaigns and their progress / strategy.

What does “exact match” mean for sponsored products?

The exact match for sponsored products means that the customer’s search term must match the stored keyword exactly in order for the ad to be played. The ad is only displayed for very similar variants. With the “Exact” ad type, search queries are filtered the most and the ads will only be displayed for the most relevant keywords.

Examples: for the keyword “baseball caps”

Keywords with match: baseball cap, baseball caps

Search terms without match: red baseball caps, caps for baseball, baseball caps girls

What does “phrase” mean for sponsored products?

When matching phrases, the search query must contain the exact phrase or phrase group. Very similar variants of the phrase also lead to a match. The filtering of the search queries is stronger than that of the broadly matching match, so the placement of the advertisement is usually more relevant.

Examples: for the keyword “baseball caps”

Search terms with match: light baseball caps, baseball caps for girls, red baseball caps

Search terms without match: cool caps for baseball, baseball caps beautiful

What does “broad match” mean for sponsored products?

By selecting a broadly matching, the ad is played back in a particularly large number of search queries. A customer’s search term has a match if it contains all keywords or similar variants (plural forms, acronyms, variants with the same trunk, abbreviations and accents). The order in which the search term is entered is irrelevant.

Example: for the keyword “baseball caps”

Search terms with match: baseball cap; reduced baseball caps; red caps for baseball; basebal shoe

Search terms without match: sport caps, Nike baseball, Adidas caps