What are detail page views on Amazon?

The term “Detail Page Views”, or DPV for short, expresses a user’s visit to Amazon on a product detail page. If a customer on Amazon searches for a certain product, he usually enters an appropriate keyword and arrives at a search results page listing various products that are particularly relevant to the entered Amazon keyword. If the page visitor then clicks within the so-called Search-Engine-Result-Page (SERP) on one of the listed products, he gets to the detail page of the product. Loading the detail page, where he finds more detailed information and photos about the product, is counted as a detail page call or detail pager view. Every click of a visitor on a product that results in a product detail page being loaded is therefore a DPV.

The key figure of the detail page calls is not only related to organic search queries. Merchants on Amazon who carry out advertising campaigns using Amazon Marketing Services, for example, can evaluate the DPV index for their headline search ads, product display ads or sponsored products. Regardless of whether the page has been accessed in an organic or inorganic way – the DPV represent an important basis for the evaluation of campaign and listing quality.

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How can I interpret the detailed page views?

If you want to know how well your own article or detail page converts, i.e. how high the share of sales in the number of visitors to the detail page is, you need both the number of conversions and a corresponding reference value. The DPV can be used here as a possible reference value. For example, if you calculate the conversion rate from the DVP and the number of sales, you get a percentage that indicates how many users buy an item per visit to the detail page.

Why is the number of clicks higher than the DPV?

The number of clicks an ad receives is closely related to the number of detail page views. Nevertheless, the numbers are usually not identical. What could be the reason? The answer is relatively simple: Not every click automatically leads the user to call up the detail page. This is because the visit is only counted as a detailed page view if the detail page has been loaded completely. For example, it may happen that the visitor clicks on the advertisement but immediately afterwards cancels the page setup of the detail page, because he has only clicked on the advertisement by mistake. Another possibility is that e.g. the mobile internet connection is broken after loading the search results page and the product detail page cannot be loaded after clicking on the article or advertisement. There are therefore various reasons why the values of the two key figures can differ.

Note: Targeted Amazon optimization can significantly increase DPV and thus increase sales opportunities. Just the minimal improvement / adjustment of the product image and title can enormously increase the click rate from the search results and thus increase the page views. As an Amazon agency, we specialize in precisely these topics and can provide targeted help.