Shopfiy is an online shop provider that works according to the modular principle. By the simple handling of the software it should be possible to provide in shortest time its own on-line Shop without deeper programming knowledge to possess. With this Onlineshop is a so-called “Drag-and-Drop-Sandbox”. Prefabricated elements can be selected and adapted. More than 100 professional and free templates are available.

In addition, all contents of the shop are responsively structured, i.e. also suitable for use with a mobile device. Through the simple connection of payment providers, it is possible to set up a complete shop in no time.

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Another advantage of Shopify is that it is not limited to the online area but also includes the point of sale (POS). This makes it possible to process payments on site via the Shopify app and, for example, accept credit card payments and monitor stock levels.

Fees for using Shopify

Included service:

  • Customizable website, online shop and blog
  • Unlimited bandwidth, product inventory and customer data
  • Multichannel sales possible (e.g. Facebook shop, Amazon, Pinterest)
  • Support for over 100 international payment providers
  • Automation of fulfillment with external Shipping Apps
  • Excellent round-the-clock customer service

Amazon and Shopify

Many Amazon merchants want to minimize the share of sales via Amazon. The one-sided dependence or the price pressure by the competition are only some of many possible reasons for setting up your own online shop. Building an attractive online shop can be an expensive undertaking. The use of a Shopify store is a good way to complete this procedure quickly and inexpensively. Due to the modular construction principle, the creation is also possible without in-depth specialist knowledge. The simple operation and the detailed dashboard relieve the seller of many tasks.

The stock monitoring can be handled via Shopify. Shopify can synchronize and monitor the entire inventory across all sales channels.

It is also possible to connect Shopify to other marketplaces and synchronize the data in order to minimize the effort for using the marketplace. However, this procedure is not recommended for Amazon. Amazon should play a special role in the use of marketplaces. Due to its enormous market power, the Amazon marketplace is the most promising and most profitable for most product categories. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the special features of bullet points or backend keywords on Amazon in order to exploit their full potential.