What does C-Commerce mean? The C in C-Commerce is the abbreviation of "collaborative", comes from English and means cooperation. C-Commerce describes the cooperation between different companies to achieve a common goal. In order to make it possible for this group to work together, it needs a common interface. As a rule, Enterprise Relationship software (ERP) [...]


Click Prices

What are Click Prices The click price on Amazon plays an important role for the success of PPC or AMS campaigns and has a direct influence on the ACoS (Attributed Cost of Sales). Amazon gives the seller some tools to find the right click price for their own keywords. Set bids for Amazon PPC The [...]


Content Marketing

What Is Content-Marketing? Content marketing refers to addressing customers with relevant content in a way that is appropriate for the target group. This type of marketing is primarily aimed at informing, advising and entertaining, i.e. offering the user a certain added value. Content marketing is mainly used in online marketing. In order to develop a [...]


Contribution margin

What Is the Contribution Margin, and How Is It Calculated? Contribution margin accounting was developed in the 1930s based on the understanding that the production quantity as a variable has a significant influence on the period profit of a company. This variable must be put in relation to the fixed costs, as it loses weight [...]


Conversion Optimierung

Conversion Optimization Customer satisfaction is an important factor for Amazon's success. This includes customer support, the wide range of products and the targeted search on the website. Amazon tries to give customers the most relevant results for their search query. An important indicator of relevance is the conversion rate. The conversion rate is calculated as [...]


Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate The conversion rate (CVR) is a key figure from online marketing. It indicates the ratio of clicks and leads or conversions. A "conversion" does not necessarily also mean an order completion. Depending on the purpose and type of website, a successful conversion can also mean filling out a contact form or subscribing to [...]



What Does Cost-Per-Action Mean? Cost-Per-Action or "CPA" is an online advertising pricing model from affiliate marketing in which the advertiser only pays money after a user has completed a specific action on the website. This can be an explicit purchase (cost-per-acquisition), a download, the installation of a program, the subscription to a newsletter or a [...]



CPC (Cost-per Klick) All advertising activities via Seller Central or Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) function according to the so-called bidding procedure, i.e. your own advertisements are in competition with the others. Only after a customer has clicked on the own announcement do costs result. Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads and Headline Search Ads are billed [...]



What is Cost per Impression? Cost per Impression or CPI for short describes a billing method for advertisements in marketing. The Cost per Impression method calculates the price based on the number of visits to a website, the so-called Ad Impressions. A fixed amount is usually set for 1,000 views of an ad, which the [...]



What Does CPO Mean? CPO as a Performance Indicator The key performance indicator CPO ("Cost per Order") describes the costs generated in marketing campaigns or lead generation per sale or lead. One calculates the CPO by dividing the sum of all costs incurred in a promotion by the number of responses generated. In addition to [...]



What does CPS (Cost per Sale) mean? The abbreviation CPS stands for "Cost per Sale". CPS is a model from the field of online marketing in which billing takes place after sale. With this billing method, the affiliate operator only receives his commission when a visitor has made a purchase on the target page. However, [...]



What Is Cost per View, and What Are Its Advantages over Other Models? Cost per View, CPV for short, is a term used in the video advertising field. CPV stands for a billing model which is mainly used in social media marketing and video marketing. Similar to CPO (Cost per Order) or CPC (Cost per [...]


Cross Channel Marketing

What is cross channel marketing? In cross-channel marketing, several advertising measures are used throughout several channels to market a product or service. The advertising media should be well coordinated in order to effectively reach their corresponding target group. In order for a brand or company to develop a clear strategy for itself, it is necessary [...]


Cross Selling

Cross-Selling Cross-selling is generally defined as the linking of similar products. In most cases cross-selling is known in various online shops which offer classic products - but also in the service sector and in the retail trade, cross-selling is a popular means of increasing sales and customer loyalty. Why is cross-selling important? Cross-selling is important [...]



What is the click-through rate (CTR)? The Click Through Rate (CTR) is a performance measurement index that measures the number of clicks on an advertisement or other object in relation to the total number of impressions. For example, if a sponsored product ad is displayed a hundred times and customers have clicked on the ad [...]


Curated Shopping

Curated Shopping Online shopping with style advice, an e-commerce model The term Curated Shopping is used to describe online business models whose customer service differs from conventional online shops by offering individual and personal advice. Curated shopping aims to provide advice that is just as relevant as in stationary retail. Curated Shopping - Origins & [...]

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