What is Mobile Commerce?

More and more people own and use a smartphone for their daily business. Mobile Ecommerce, or M-Commerce for short, is an exploding market and has long since become one of the most important distribution channels. M-Commerce is regarded as a revolutionary extension of e-commerce and offers completely new opportunities for shop operators and customers. Through this sales channel, customers are no longer tied to a stationary computer, but can call up and shop online shops via smartphone. Because the smartphone is a constant companion and usually just as active as its owner; whether on the way to and at work, at lunch and shopping, in leisure time or on holiday. The constant availability of the user creates numerous new shopping opportunities, because a shop can be created where the customer wants it to be.

Who uses Mobile Commerce?

Nowadays, everyone who owns a smartphone is basically a mobile commerce user. Nearly all age groups own a smartphone and can handle their purchases digitally, so it is difficult to identify a specific target group. However, companies are also increasingly focusing on mobile commerce in order to target customers more specifically with their usage preferences.

Amazon Brand Guide

It can be seen that Amazon already achieved the largest mobile reach in the USA in 2012 with almost 50 billion unique visitors.

In comparison, Amazon Germany has up to 30 billion unique visitors, which speaks for the growing online marketplace.

Mobile Commerce with Amazon

If you want to use M-Commerce as a distribution channel for selling your products, you should of course understand that all sales processes take place via a small display. So you have to optimize your products as well as services or websites on the smartphone. Images are still an important and sales-promoting factor in m-commerce. Amazon is particularly well positioned in this area and knows exactly how to convert a visitor to a buyer. It is generally known that Amazon is a search platform for products, i.e. visitors come to Amazon with a purchase intention.

It is therefore advisable for all merchants and vendors who want to sell their products on Amazon and use m-commerce as a sales channel to carry out an Amazon Mobile optimization.