What are the Amazon Brand Usage Guidelines?

Many retailers use the Amazon.com brand name to earn credibility and trust for their product. However, the Amazon.com trademark is legally protected. Under certain conditions, the company brand guidelines allow the use of its brand name to promote other products. To do so, all requested data must be sent to Amazon in advance so that it can verify compliance with the advertising guidelines.

Call to Actions (CTA) – Amazon Brand Guidelines

The Amazon trademark guidelines specify some CTAs that may be used. In general, some CTAs may be used if they do not violate trademark rights or the Competition Act. Customers should therefore not be fooled, for example, with Call to Actions such as “Buy & Subscribe.”

Amazon Brand Guide

The following standards should be considered:

  • Font & Size: Amazon Text Links should always be set to either “Frutiger 57” Condensed at 11.5 points for smaller applications or “Frutiger 67” Condensed at 14 points for larger applications. Among smaller applications are buttons, microbars, and banners or custom units. The large font size is used for larger advertising units such as the Leader board or custom units such as Home Page Pushdowns.
  •  Graphic styling: Under each under length, there should be an underline, i.e., a pixel-free space on both sides of each under length.
  •  Color: The CTA may be in any color if all elements within the CTA, such as arrows, text, and underlines, are kept in the same primary color, the CTA complements the advertising graphic in which it was used and is sufficiently highlighted to make it visible. The opacity of the underline and arrow elements should be set to 70% of the text color.
  •  .com Use: Although “Amazon” is preferred, the use of “Amazon.com” for CTA text links are also permitted. (applies to amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it, amazon.es, amazon.co.jp, etc.)

Amazon Brand Button – Amazon Brand Guidelines

Amazon also protects the Amazon Brand Buttons. For this reason, Brand Buttons may not be incorporated into advertisements with Call to Action in the Amazon layout. This is done so that customers are not confused by being unable to distinguish between the page and the ad.

Amazon Spelling and Punctuation – Amazon Brand Guidelines

When specifying the Amazon brand name, it should always be noted that the first letter of Amazon.com is capitalized. It is not allowed to write the full title in uppercase or lowercase.

Brand Expressions – Amazon Brand Guidelines

Expressions that are directly related to the functions of Amazon may be used if Amazon agrees. These expressions include “Seller Central,” “Deal of the Day,” “1-Click,” or “Kindle. If such terms are not related to Amazon functionality, but include, for example, a call to action, they may only be used if Amazon has specifically permitted them. These terms include ” subscribe ” or ” buy now and subscribe.”

Branding on Amazon vs. Other Websites – Amazon Brand Guidelines

The branding of advertisements should vary according to Amazon brand guidelines. The decisive factor is whether the ad is displayed on the Amazon website or another website. Because, if the advertisement is displayed on Amazon, Amazon branding should not be used, as this is automatically identifiable to the customer. If a product is advertised on another site via the Amazon Advertising Platform, an Amazon branding must be carried out to make it clear that one will be redirected to the Amazon website.

Amazon Logo & Images – Amazon Brand Guidelines

If it is intended to use the Amazon logo, Amazon must agree in advance. Once the logo is used in a co-branded campaign, it must comply with the following guidelines.


The Amazon logo may not be smaller than 1 inch in print and 72 pixels on the screen.

Free Space

The free space around the logo is measured by the size of the “O’s” in Amazon. The horizontal space must be half an “O” above and half an “O” below the logo; the vertical free space must be a whole “O” per page.


It is forbidden to change the logo. This includes any changes such as color, modifications without the “smile.” It is also forbidden to modify the pattern behind the logo or the text above the logo.

Additional Guidelines

The Amazon logo family may only be used if Amazon expressly permits it. To get permission to use the logo, you can send a request with sample applies to the responsible Amazon Account Team.

Amazon Icons

Other Amazon icons, such as the shopping cart, may only be used if this has been expressly permitted.

Product Images

All images used for advertisements must belong to the advertiser.