What is the Haendlerbund (Merchant association)?

The Haendlerbund was founded in 2008 and has offices in Berlin and Brussels. The central theme of the Haendlerbund is to represent the interests of ist Customers (online trader) and to support them in legal matters. Customers can have legal texts created for their imprint, general terms and conditions, data protection declarations, etc., which are then updated again and again. In addition they can take up a legal consultation as well as a legal support. These are only a few of the legal services that the customers of the Haendlerbund can make use of.

What services do Haendlerbund members receive?

Since the foundation of the Haendlerbund the service has been extended by further points. Customers are offered a comprehensive network of different partners. With the help of many different service providers and partners, the different needs of customers in the area of e-commerce are to be addressed. On the website of the Haendlerbund one finds the “three columns”, which are at the customers at the disposal. One pillar stands for legal texts that are safe from warning, legal advice and warning representation, the second for real customer ratings and the third for a visible seal of quality including buyer protection.

Amazon Brand Guide

The Haendlerbund gives its customers the opportunity to integrate a buyer’s seal for customer ratings in their online shop. This gives online shop operators an overview of how customers rate their performance. In addition, customers are given the opportunity to read the opinions of other buyers – very similar to the principle of Amazon review. This is intended to increase trust, because customers generally like to buy where other customers have ordered before them. In addition to the star rating, comments can also be added. In addition, there is the possibility to adopt ratings from other systems.

Customers of the Haendlerbund also have the chance to receive a buyer’s seal for their shop. The online shop must go through a verification process for this.

The moreover one the Haendlerbund keeps its members with current news up to date. There are different offers, from the newsletter on info portals up to the on-line dealer magazine, which is also offered in a print variant.

If you want to use the service of the Haendlerbund, you can choose between three memberships. There are the Basic, Premium and Unlimited Memberships, which are also subject to different costs.