The acronym b2b (b-to-b or btb too) stands for business-to-business and describes business relationships between two or more companies. Therefore, this kind of business relationship represents the contrary of business relationships between companies and other groups such as consumers (b2c or business-to-consumer). A concrete example of a b2b trade is when a company produces leather [...]



What is B2C? The abbreviation B2C (or B-to-C or BtC) stands for Business-to-Consumer and therefore describes business relationships between a company and an individual (consumers, customers). This type of business relationship is therefore different from business relationships between companies (B2B or business-to-business). A practical example of a B2C business would be if a company producing [...]



B2E – Business to employee B2E refers to the relationship between a company and its own employees. The communication takes place here mostly in electronic form. Nevertheless, classical, analogue communication is also part of the B2E relationship. In which form and in which proportion digital or analogue communication takes place depends on the size of [...]


Brand Awareness

What Is Brand Awareness? Brand awareness is a term used in market research that indicates and describes the recognition of a brand expressed as a percentage. The percentage value indicates which part of the surveyed persons recognized a brand. What Is the Meaning of Brand Awareness? Most consumers tend to opt for well-known brands in [...]

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