Try ASIN Retargeting Free of Charge* and Without Obligation

*The retargeting action eliminates the usual initial one-time setup fees for the first 30 days. However, the 10% platform and 15% agency fees for the Amazon DSP will still apply and are already included in the total costs.

How does the process work?

To make the entry into Amazon ASIN Retargeting as easy as possible, we have kept the process very simple. All we need is a list of ASINs. We will then check if these ASINs are suitable for retargeting and contact you as soon as possible.

  1. Send us your 3 – 8 TOP-ASINs.
  2. We test your products for retargeting capability.
  3. We’ll call you with final details.
  4. The non-binding trial month will be confirmed in writing, and the total amount of 3,000 EUR is due.
  5. Retargeting starts shortly after that (when the payment is made) and runs for exactly 30 days.

Tip: Attack competitors

With the retargeting options “SIM Product Views” and “Competitor Conquesting” we can directly intercept the traffic of your competitors and use it for your products in order to increase sales in a targeted way.

    The Most Important Facts About Asin Retargeting

    In our Amazon Retargeting factsheet, we have presented the most important information about how this process works. As well as the benefits and areas of application and how it influences organic rankings, PPC campaigns and sales on Amazon Marketplace. Download our “Amazon Retargeting Factsheet” here as a compact PDF or contact us directly by phone at +49 40 / 570 110 110. We will gladly advise you on ASIN-Retargeting as well as on all other Amazon Advertising topics.

    Many more and very detailed facts and background information about ASIN retargeting on Amazon can be found here in our blog article:

    ASIN Retargeting Easy Explained

    In this video, we explain how ASIN retargeting works on Amazon, how to use it and what advantages it has. Also, we will go into the following:

    • What does a customer journey on Amazon look like?
    • Where does Amazon Retargeting come in here?
    • How can the AIDA model be applied to Amazon Advertising?
    • How is the marginal return calculated for ASIN retargeting campaigns?
    • What are Dynamic eCommerce Ads?

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon ASIN Retargeting

    To create a retargeting campaign for max. 8 ASINs, generate all creatives and set up basic reporting, we need about one working day. This setup phase costs typically 1,500 EUR, but will not be necessary for the context of this campaign. That is how the costs for the first month are calculated:

    1. The total campaign budget is exactly 3,000 EUR.
    2. Included the 10% platform and 15% agency fees for the Amazon DSP.
    3. One-off setup fees of 800 – 1,500 EUR are not applicable.

    Of course, we can’t promise anything, but together with you, we will select the ASINs that have the best sales chances. Based on the experience with other customers and retargeting projects, an average ROAS of 3 to 6 can be achieved with well-optimized products, which corresponds to a turnover of 9.000 to 18.000 EUR. Please note the following retargeting checklist:

    1. Each ASIN must be available (have sufficient stock).
    2. There must be at least 15 predominantly positive reviews.
    3. FBA or prime availability is recommended (but not mandatory)
    4. The price should be in line with market prices in the category.
    5. Retail readiness is given (optimized images, titles, bullet points and description).

    After 30 days, we stop the campaigns. Cancellation is not necessary either in writing or verbally. Of course, we will evaluate the project comprehensively and discuss the results with you afterwards by phone or video call.

    1. The term ends automatically after 30 days – no cancellation necessary.
    2. We will send you a comprehensive report on the results (impressions, clicks, sales etc.)
    3. In a joint call, we evaluate the retargeting results.
    4. If you do not want to continue, no further steps on your part are necessary.
    5. If you would like to continue with retargeting, we will discuss all the necessary steps with you individually by telephone. We can also directly extend or expand the current campaigns.

    ASIN retargeting is a data-driven advertising approach, and it requires a sufficient advertising budget to generate enough data for a successful campaign. Per ASIN, approx. 800 – 1,500 EUR per month should, therefore, be available in Adspend. More budget is generally also possible.

    1. In the first trial month, the costs amount to exactly 3,000 EUR (Adpsend incl. Amazon DSP fees).
    2. We recommend applying for a maximum of 8 ASINs within this framework so that sufficient budget per product is available.
    3. The costs correspond 1-to-1 to the invoice amount: no additional fees or hidden follow-up costs.
    4. The amount is due in advance. As soon as it is paid, we start the retargeting.
    5. Of course, more ASINs and more budget can be provided. We would be happy to discuss the optimal retargeting strategy with you.

    Can we help?

    Are there any unanswered questions about ASIN Retargeting? Do you need a personal consultation appointment? Then please use the contact form and a marketing expert from our Amazon agency will contact you. We would be happy to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss goals, questions or challenges in your business and together discuss how and where ASIN-Retargeting may serve you.

    Tip: Use your competitors

    Especially with new or few sold products, we can immediately start retargeting campaigns based on your competitors and increase your sales. Just tell us the brand or products of your competitor and within a few days your first campaigns will be launched leading valuable traffic directly to your products.

      All prices are net quotations plus 19% VAT at the applicable statutory rate.