Paid Media

What is Paid Media? In online marketing, more particularly in the Social Web, there are three different types of media, including the Owned Media, Paid Media, and Earned Media. They all are meant to reach a specific audience, and together, they form an essential part of a company's online marketing strategy. Owned media describes a [...]


Phrase Keyword

Amazon "Phrase" / Phrase Matching Retailers who wish to place keyword-based advertising campaigns such as Headline Search Ads or Sponsored Products on Amazon can do so either within Seller Central or using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). In both cases, when creating the campaigns, a specific match type of keywords can be defined that must be [...]


Point of Sale

What Is the Point of Sale (POS)? The point of sale, or POS for short, is literally the place of sale, i.e. the place where the sale takes place. For example, the cash register in retail outlets such as supermarkets. Basically, the POS is always the place where customers can come into direct contact with [...]


Power Seller

What is a Power Seller? Commercial merchants who have set up themselves professionally on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay and continuously show a high trading volume can be described as power sellers. For example, the online sales platform eBay offers a Power Seller program for which you can qualify. In principle, Power Sellers [...]


PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

The abbreviation "PPC" stands for "Pay-Per-Click". This is a payment model or billing model in online marketing, especially with regard to click-based advertising. Here the advertiser always incurs costs when a customer has clicked on the corresponding target object. The target object can be, for example, a product display ad, a sponsored product, a headline [...]



What does PPS  mean? The abbreviation PPS stands for "Pay per Sale". PPS is a model in the field of online marketing where billing is based on sales. With this billing method, the affiliate operator receives his commission exactly when a visitor has made a purchase on the target page. However, it must also be [...]


Product Display Ads

Product Display Ads After successful creation of the AMS account the Headline Search Ads (HSA), Product Display Ads (PDA) and Sponsored Products (SP) can be managed. Product display ads can be found on the product detail page under the buy box and under the bullet points. In addition, the PDA's may appear on the left [...]


Programmatic Guaranteed

What Is Programmatic Guaranteed? Programmatic Guaranteed is a term from online marketing, or more precisely from the field of Real-Time Advertising (RTA) and therefore also from Programmatic Advertising (PA). In addition to the term Programmatic Guaranteed, synonyms such as Automated Guaranteed or Programmatic Direct are often used. In terms of content, Programmatic Guaranteed describes a [...]

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