What does sales mean?

A sale is a special offer sale in both retail and online trade. The aim is to create a unique purchasing incentive for the buyer, e.g. through a high reduction in price. These actions are carried out either with discounts or through sales promotions. Sales are usually related to time or assortment.

Seasonal sales

A particularly common way of selling off is the so-called seasonal sale. Until 2004, these sales in Germany were defined as summer and winter sales. Until then, the summer sales took place between the last week in July and the first week in August, while the winter sales were usually between the last week in January and the first week in February.

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Today, sellers can permanently offer seasonal sales. In addition, these are no longer limited to the respective seasonal articles. Every seller is therefore free to offer his items at any time.

What is the purpose of sales?

Sales are particularly important for sellers to empty their warehouses, e.g. when new supplies arrive or to get rid of residual stock. Out-of-stock models can also be sold at special reductions to make room for new items. Sellers must consider that the storage of products in the warehouse also has costs. This can sometimes be the reason why price reductions are often very large. Sometimes the discounts are so extreme that they are lower than the purchase price.

Sales by Amazon

Sales can be offered by Amazon in the so-called sale area. Here sellers can sell their excess stock, remaining stock, obsolete models, seasonal articles or special bargains in the most different categories. The customer can temporarily purchase selected products at reduced prices. Here are applied the general terms and conditions of Amazon. In addition, the Amazon regulations also are applied to the delivery of the goods.

In the Amazon Sale Shop, sellers can sell their goods in many categories, such as baby, beauty, books, computers, food and drink, software, toys and much more. Fashion is a special category on Amazon. Clothing is offered in a separate area, the Amazon Fashion Store.

Here, sellers have the opportunity to clear their warehouses for new products and at the same time avoid paying unnecessary storage costs (whether on Amazon or in their own warehouse). Reduced offers can also be added to Amazon on items that are still in the assortment. For example, the so-called “advertising campaigns” are defined and activated via Seller Central.