What is the EHI seal?

The EHI seal is a seal of quality awarded by the EHI Retail Institute GmbH for online shops. With the help of seals of approval, customer confidence is to be improved above all. In order for an operator of an online shop to receive a certified EHI seal, 5 steps must first be carried out. In the course of the entire process, the shop is checked for 200 criteria points.

The first step is for the merchant to register his domain. In the next step, the institute checks the online shop. The operator then receives a protocol that lists which things need to be optimized or could be improved. The merchant should then implement the list of requirements. After successful implementation, the online shop is checked again and when all requirements are met, the shop is stored in the international database of the EHI Retail Institute and receives the EHI seal. The online shop is then automatically checked again every year. From this point on, the operator may use the seal for his shop.

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How much does the EHI seal cost the operator of an online shop?

The costs for an EHI seal depend on the annual gross turnover of a company and start at 828.00 Euro per year. In addition to the seal, the online shop operator also receives other services such as support, complaint management, etc. Additionally, further services can be booked. The exact list of costs and services can be viewed on the website of EHI Retail Institute GmbH.

What services do dealers have whose online shop has been awarded the EHI seal of approval?

With the help of seals, customer confidence is generally to be increased, and many retailers also expect an increase in sales figures.

In addition to the seal, EHI Retail Institute GmbH also offers its customers other services. Legal texts, for example, are always adapted to the legal requirements. EHI complaint management can also be used. In addition, merchants have the option of using the EHI customer ratings option to allow buyer ratings in their online shop. Similar to Amazon reviews, customers can give a five-star rating after placing their order.

For online shops the same applies as for Amazon: customers like to buy products that have already been bought by other customers.