What does sales mean? A sale is a special offer sale in both retail and online trade. The aim is to create a unique purchasing incentive for the buyer, e.g. through a high reduction in price. These actions are carried out either with discounts or through sales promotions. Sales are usually related to time or [...]


Search Retargeting

What Is Search Retargeting and How Does This Form of Advertising Work? Search Retargeting is a relatively new advertising concept in online marketing. As a dynamic form of retargeting, this method is used to target a target group after a user from this target group has carried out a certain action. This means that after [...]



The abbreviation SERP stands for "Search Engine Result Page". This refers to the list of results that is displayed after a search request has been made with a search engine. The term SERP was defined in the field of search engine optimization, because the aim of such optimization is always to be at the top [...]


Shipping by Amazon

What does shipping by Amazon mean? If merchants choose the "Shipping by Amazon" option, the logistics and storage of the items will be handled by Amazon. This means that the goods are stored in an Amazon logistics center, packaged with a customer order and sent to the customer. In order to use this option for [...]



What is Shopgate? Shopgate is a Mobile First platform and has established itself as the world's leading mobile commerce platform, dedicated to helping online merchants sell their products successfully on mobile devices. Shopgate integrates seamlessly with more than 60 of the most popular shop systems including Magento, Shopify, Oxid, and Plentymarkets. Shopgate's focus is on [...]



Shopfiy is an online shop provider that works according to the modular principle. By the simple handling of the software it should be possible to provide in shortest time its own on-line Shop without deeper programming knowledge to possess. With this Onlineshop is a so-called "Drag-and-Drop-Sandbox". Prefabricated elements can be selected and adapted. More than [...]



What is Shoplupe? Shoplupe is a company that specializes in the customer experience. They have been dealing with the unique shopping experience in online shops since 2003. A branding effect and customer loyalty are important components that increase the chance for profitable trading online. Shoplupe supports mail order companies, brands, publishers and industrial companies. The [...]



What is Shopware? Shopware belongs to the modular online shop systems like Magento, Prestashop and TYPO3. The software has been developed in Germany and is available as open source software as well as a commercial edition. By installing various plugins, the functions of the Shopware program can be extended and adapted. Furthermore, merchandise management systems [...]


Shorttail Keyword

The term short tail keyword is defined as follows: Short tail means simple search queries that consist of only one relatively general term with a very high search volume (example: tires). Short-tail search terms are highly competitive, search engine optimization can be very time-consuming and costly in this case. Definition of Shorthead / Short-Tail Keyword [...]


Sold and shipped by Amazon

Sold and shipped by Amazon Products that are marked with the words "sold and shipped by Amazon " are sold by Amazon itself. Amazon is not the manufacturer of the products, but acquires them from third parties. These third parties are so-called vendors. Amazon concludes framework agreements with companies and buys large quantities of stock [...]


Sponsored Products

Sponsored products are advertisements that are played out on a keyword basis and with which individual products can be advertised. The ads work according to the cost-per-click (CPC) method. The retailer pays when the advert is clicked. If a buyer is looking for a keyword that is stored in the Amazon campaign, the ad will [...]

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