When Using auto targeting campaigns, you can easily advertise on Amazon. The possibility to run automatic campaigns only exists for sponsored products and not for headline search ads or product display ads. With this form of PPC campaign, the marketing mix on Amazon can be supplemented.

Sponsored products can be placed through Seller Central or Amazon Marketing Services. In an automatic campaign, no keyword and no match type need to be defined. Only the products to be advertised and a maximum bid (Bid) must be selected and Amazon will place the ads automatically, on the basis of its own experience and the contents of the listing. For this reason, it is important have carried out an efficient SEO optimization for your own product listing.

Amazon Brand Guide

Automatic campaigns have no advantages or disadvantages compared to manual campaigns. This kind of campaign normally compete with all other campaigns. Bid Plus (Bid+) is not possible when using automatic campaigns. It takes about an hour until the campaigns go live.

Use of automatic campaigns

Many sellers are of the opinion that the automatic campaign can filter out insights into the search behavior of customers. With the background of a careful SEO optimization, the findings from an auto campaign should be marginal. An automatic campaign, differently to a manual campaign, is only used to be played on other advertising spaces. Automatic campaigns are played on all places as the manual campaigns and additionally on the product listing, below the bullet points.

Evaluation of the campaign

In order to evaluate the automatic campaigns, the “Search Term Report” should be downloaded from Seller Central, possibly within 60 days, since Amazon does not keep the data available for longer; older data disappears from the report. For a complete success measurement, it is essential to request periodically the search term report. It must also be considered that the data are not daily updated. Amazon takes 72 to 120 hours to update the data in the search term report. This should be taken into account in the evaluation.