Sold and shipped by Amazon

Products that are marked with the words “sold and shipped by Amazon ” are sold by Amazon itself. Amazon is not the manufacturer of the products, but acquires them from third parties.

These third parties are so-called vendors. Amazon concludes framework agreements with companies and buys large quantities of stock from them. Amazon then takes care of the logistics. The products of the manufacturers are thus directly part of the Prime Program and the Prime logo is displayed on the website.

Amazon Brand Guide

Participation in the Vendor Program is possible at the invitation of Amazon. Retailers who want to actively gain first experience with the Vendor Program can apply for Vendor Express. With this program the seller can apply with his products. Amazon requires some product samples in order to assess the quality. After successful testing, the product is approved for participation in the Vendor Express program.

Amazon customers can explicitly filter for products that are sold and shipped by Amazon.

Go to the desired shop. Simply click on it to select it from the All Categories menu on the homepage. Then click on Advanced Search in the bright navigation bar. In the right column you see the menu provider. Select Only offers from if you want only these items to be displayed.