What is Amazon Choice?

Amazon Choice is a recommended purchase for customers on Amazon. Amazon itself writes about the badge that has been available since 2017: “Amazon’s Choice recommends top-rated, immediately available products at a reasonable price. However, the recommendation in the form of the Amazon Choice badge is given automatically.

How Do I Get the Amazon Choice Badge?

Although it is not entirely clear what factors count in the award of the Amazon Choice Badge, the following points are considered relevant.

Amazon Brand Guide

The most critical points are the click and conversion rates of the individual keywords. The more often a product is clicked and purchased for a specific keyword, the higher the probability that this product will receive the Amazon Choice Badge.

Prime delivery and availability are also particularly important. Without fast delivery, the product is not recommended by Amazon and therefore, does not receive the Amazon Choice Badge. The geographical position of the products can also play an essential role in awarding the Amazon Choice Badge, and so the badge can vary from region to region.

However, the badge is not only different from region to region, but also from person to person. When awarding the Amazon Choice Badge, personal preferences such as color and design are also considered. The buyer data that is already collected have a significant influence on Amazon’s recommendation.

Also, a low return rate compared to the competitors in the category, a high star ranking with at least four stars, as well as the availability of the product and the success of the product in the category is important. Bestseller status is also considered necessary.

The price also plays an essential role in awarding the badge, but the Amazon Choice Badge does not guarantee that it is also the cheapest product.

Additional Information About the Amazon Choice Badge

It is also certain that Amazon Echo will first recommend the articles that have been awarded the Amazon Choice Badge upon request. Any product that has received the Amazon Choice Badge up to this point could also be ordered through Amazon Echo. However, this direct connection has not yet been confirmed by Amazon.

The Amazon Choice badge is particularly practical for every day and uncomplicated products such as a toilet brush, which should be inexpensive, should arrive quickly and where the appearance does not count.

However, the Amazon Choice Badge is not yet available in all categories. These categories include Amazon Fresh, Prime Pantry, clothing, shoes, and jewellery.