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Amazon Competitor Analysis

Targeted Analysis: Who Are Really My Competitors on Amazon? This question may sound trivial for most brands and manufacturers because one knows one's competitors very well since they serve the same market and the same target groups. Sometimes you even know the responsible employees and contact persons of your competitors personally and by name due [...]


Branding on and With Amazon – Is That Possible?

What Is Actually Branding? Whenever a brand is to be established or strengthened in a particular "ecosystem", "branding" is quickly mentioned. In essence, this is always based on the idea that a brand should become better known and thus serve a higher demand. Consequently, where there is a high demand, there is a high chance [...]


Amazon Advertising – 10 Tips for a Better Understanding of PPC Campaigns

Understanding What Amazon PPC Marketing Is and How It Works ACoS, ROAS, CPO... What is the right KPI to measure performance marketing in Amazon Advertising in a meaningful and effective way? Is it just hard sales resulting from the PPC campaigns? What about the impressions? And how do the BSR (bestseller rank), CVR (conversion rate), [...]


Amazon Retargeting For Sellers and Vendors: Boost Your Sales and Visibility

Amazon Retargeting - Next Level Advertising If you look at the full range of options available with Programmatic Advertising at Amazon DSP, retargeting is probably the most cost-effective form of advertising that significantly drive sales of Amazon products. Retargeting ads on and outside of Amazon are, similar to sponsored product ads, located closest to the [...]


Amazon Webinar Transcript on COVID-19 measures

Amazon Webinar Transcript on COVID-19 measures On 03.04.2020, the Amazon Seller Service organised a webinar that focused on the measures around Corona / COVID-19. In addition to already known information about the restrictions of product deliveries to a few categories, further tips and hints were given on how Amazon is reacting to this global crisis [...]

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