What is meant by final price?

The final price is the price that is charged for a product, including sales tax and all other price components. This is the amount that is also paid by the private customer.

Offers are only valid if the final price (without hidden costs) is indicated correctly. In addition to the final price, the basic price per quantity must always be indicated, such as price per kilogram, price per piece, price per litre, price per metre or similar.

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Does the final price indication also apply to online trading?

The final price indication applies in online trade as well as in retail trade. The Price Indication Ordinance (PAngV) regulates exactly how the prices must be indicated to the customer.

Especially in online sales, mainly private end customers are addressed, which is why it is particularly important to indicate the correct final price. Non-compliance with exact prices can lead to a warning being sent to the retailer.

The final price is therefore exactly the price that the customer pays the online retailer for a product or service. This means that the buyer must be able to see at a glance what the costs are for him when he makes a purchase. In addition to the gross price, other costs must also be specified for the final price.

Are there any costs that do not have to be included in the final price?

There is one exception in the online business. Shipping costs incurred in online trading are indicated separately from the final price. You can recognize this information by the following offer on Amazon.

It is important for traders both in online trade and in retail to show the final price of goods and services at a first glance to private customers.