Product Display Ads

After successful creation of the AMS account the Headline Search Ads (HSA), Product Display Ads (PDA) and Sponsored Products (SP) can be managed. Product display ads can be found on the product detail page under the buy box and under the bullet points. In addition, the PDA’s may appear on the left side of the search results, at the bottom / top of the search results and on the customer reviews page. Just like the other advertising possibilities on Amazon, the PDA’s are also designed according to the CPC (Cost per Click) procedure. There are only costs if a prospective customer clicks on the advertisement. The maximum bid per click can be set individually by the retailer. Amazon only gives recommendations about the amount of the bid in order to be competitive.

Advantages of Product Display Ads

The PDA’s are the only Amazon PPC campaign where it is possible to advertise single ASIN’s in a targeted way. When creating advertisements, the ads can be aligned with products or interests. This offers vendors or participants in the Vendor Express program an advantage over sellers. It is not possible to place product display ads via the Seller Central access (as of November 2017).

Amazon Brand Guide

Through the targeted selection of products / ASINs, it is possible to tailor the Amazon advertising campaigns individually. Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products are keyword-based and cannot be placed on individual products.

Requirements for Product Display Ads

With the Product Display Ads, a headline with up to 50 characters can be assigned individually. This will be checked after the campaign has been submitted. The use of absolute statements is prohibited by Amazon and leads to the campaign being rejected. Legal and grammatical errors lead to the rejection of the campaign.

Your own brand logo can be uploaded and placed on the ad.

The minimum budget for a campaign is 100€ total budget and 1€ daily budget. Regardless of this, only the actual costs per click will be calculated and the budget will not be exceeded.

If your article is out of stock the campaigns will be paused automatically.