B2E – Business to employee

B2E refers to the relationship between a company and its own employees. The communication takes place here mostly in electronic form. Nevertheless, classical, analogue communication is also part of the B2E relationship. In which form and in which proportion digital or analogue communication takes place depends on the size of the company and the predominant structure too.

More appreciation for employees

In many businesses, the relationship between the company and its employees is constantly changing. Many forward-looking companies consider their employees to be an important potential of the company rather than a simple labour force. As a result, for a company, the way employees are treated is partly comparable to how customers are treated. The appreciation of the employees increases. The change is based on the premise that a content employee, who experiences a higher value and value, ensures that the company achieves better results. Whether communication takes place between superiors and employees or between employees: those who are satisfied are usually more motivated and more resilient.

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Internal knowledge transfer through B2E

The entirety of knowledge that is possessed by the members of a company can contribute to the success of the company itself when shared and passed on among the employees. Knowledge is a special capital that does not become less, but more if it is shared. It can be advantageous for companies, depending on their size and structure, to set up certain internal portals intranet in line with the B2E that promote the communication. Anyone who has access to the network can benefit from the knowledge available within it. The use of such central information portals enables the efficient transfer of information and the management, employees and the entire company can profit from it.

Communication between employees through B2E

If a company sets up for its employees the access to central discussion platforms, they can develop solutions that might not have been possible in a smaller circle. The cross-location platform enables a larger group to communicate with each other, no matter how far apart the members are from each other. Improved communication often leads to the fact that the co-workers feel more comfortable and get a higher value. They see the possibility of being able to develop better, to be able to achieve more and to work collectively. However, a B2E platform can also have very simple, concrete advantages. Holiday planning, scheduling, accounting or overviews of other appointments such as birthdays can be made easily accessible to every employee via such a portal. This is both effective and efficient.