Amazon A Plus: the content extension for the product description

Amazon A Plus (+) is a paid extension to the product description on the product detail page. Currently only Amazon vendors can use this extension for their products. Amazon A Plus is particularly suitable for products in need of further explanations and enables sellers to provide their potential customers with detailed information through the additional 5000 characters. Amazon A+ is often used to highlight product benefits and usage examples. In addition to detailed texts, additional images, graphics or illustrations can be added using pre-designed templates. This function can help to increase the conversion rate. A Plus content is not indexed by Amazon itself and is not included in the relevance rating of products.

Potential costs of Amazon A+

Prices for individual Amazon A+ content detail pages can vary from €100 to €1500 or higher, depending on the vendor membership and negotiated conditions.

Amazon Brand Guide

How do Amazon A Plus works?

Amazon A Plus can be created in the Vendor Central under the menu option “marketing” on “A+ detail page”. This feature only works in combination with one or more ASINs and a project name (not visible to the customer) must always be created. Amazon provides a total of 12 different A Plus Content Templates (modules). Content can be easily added by drag’n’drop and copy and paste. When creating A+ content, the following metrics should always be taken into account wherever possible:

  1. WDF-IDF SEO analysis before texting
  2. Optimize images for A+ modules
  3. Text content for A+ proofreading
  4. Use banners and detail images
  5. Cross- and Upsell integration

Amazon A Plus could look like this:

Advantages of Amazon A Plus

☑ 5000 extra characters

☑ Banners and detail pictures can be used

☑ Cross- and upsell possible

☑ Possible conversion rate increase

☑ Content is indexed by Google

Disadvantages of Amazon A Plus

✖ Profitable only with high margins

✖ Only useful with high competition

✖ Access (as of 17.08.2017) only possible for vendors