What is the Engagement Rate?

Nowadays the engagement rate is associated with social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. An engagement rate is a key figure that measures the interaction and activity of a particular content. It shows how many visitors interact with the content. Likes, comments, shares and visitors are among the factors that influence the rate.

Why is the Engagement Rate important?

The engagement rate plays an enormously important role in the analysis of used content in social networks. The measurement of likes, shares and comments can make it easier to evaluate a competitive analysis. By calculating the engagement rate in relation to the number of subscribers to a company, both small and large companies can be compared.

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It is particularly important to always monitor the metric and this factor, because a high engagement rate is always a sign of very good content. Engagement is particularly beneficial in combination with social media advertising campaigns and can be applied to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other platform. Equally important is customer feedback to monitors in order to incorporate any ideas or improvements.

Calculate Instagram Engagement Rate

On average, an Instagram profile should have an Engagement Rate of 10%. To calculate the engagement rate, proceed as follows:

  • For 1000 subscribers, 10% Engagement Rate is 100 Likes per post.
  • With 1000 subscribers and only 10 Likes per post it is 1% Engagement Rate.