What is eKomi?

Behind the term eKomi lies a provider for an independent evaluation system. The subline “The Feeback Company” reveals that it is a company that deals with opinions. The main focus here is on customer feedback from an online shop. The aim is for them to report their experiences with both the online retailer and the ordered product or service. The evaluation is to give thereby both an increase in value for other customers, and also give naturally more sovereignty to the dealer. Especially for small online retailers this is an important point.

With eKomi online merchants get the opportunity to receive customer opinions and product reviews. On the one hand this should increase the trust of the customers, on the other hand shop operators also have the possibility to get feedback from their customers, which they might not have received otherwise, e.g. why a product did not meet their personal expectations, how to optimize or explain products better to the customer etc.

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How does the eKomi rating system work?

After a customer has purchased an item or a service in an online shop, eKomi then sends an evaluation request to the buyer. In the best case, the customer then gives a rating. The feedback is then checked by the customer opinion management, so that only real reviews are published. After a successful examination the customer evaluations are released and published in the online-shop.

What are the goals of eKomi?

The rating system is designed to increase customer confidence. Many customers like to buy products or services with which other buyers have already gained experience before them. In addition, online shops should receive further advantages through the use of eKomi, e.g:

  • With the help of customer feedback, the conversion rate is to be increased.
  • Through a cooperation with Google, the traffic to the online shop is to be increased.
  • In addition, eKomi offers an interface to social networks. This enables relevant feedback to be made accessible to a larger target group.
  • By checking the customer feedback, it should be prevented that a customer receives fake ratings.