Longtail Keyword

The term Long Tail Keyword is defined as follows:

In online marketing, the long tail refers to the little-used search terms used by users of search engines to reach a website. In their mass, however, they can lead far more visitors to a website or an online shop than a few heavily used search terms.

Longtail keywords are less searched for than major keywords (main keyword) or even shorttail keywords, but the search query is more precise and more accurately defined. Longtail keywords play an important role in the creation of PPC campaigns on Amazon. Targeted searches make it more likely that the customer will get a solution to his problem.

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Amazon Longtail Keyword Research

Amazon keyword research is all about mapping search queries as accurately as possible. Compared to the major keywords, the longtail keywords have significantly fewer hits and impressions, but overall they can be very relevant for Amazon Marketing Services. Another advantage of using longtail keywords is that the average minimum bid is lower than for the few main keywords.

Many sellers and vendors concentrate on only a few shorttail keywords and neglect the longtail keywords, so the competition for the main keywords is big and competitive. This leads to higher click prices and lower margins for a small group of keywords.

The competition for longtail keywords is much lower than for the few main keywords. The autosuggestion function of Amazon can be used for a basic keyword search (see picture).

Amazon automatically creates suggestions for search terms based on the user behavior of customers. Search queries can be several levels deep. As in the example up to the fourth level. The generic term “shoes” leaves many options open, e.g. shoes for women, children or men. The competition for the keyword “shoes” is very high because this search term covers many search queries. When using ” shoes women autumn sneaker”, the target group and the search intention are more clearly emphasized. This type of keyword will achieve significantly less impressions than “shoes”, but will be much more relevant to the search query.

When creating AMS campaigns with longtail keywords, the match type “exact” or “phrase” is recommended in order to control the search queries more specifically.