Amazon advertising reports

If you advertise online, you should use the existing possibilities and advantages of performance marketing and evaluate the campaign data sensibly. Whether Google Adwords, display advertising, Amazon PPC campaigns or Facebook ads: a look at the performance data is almost always worthwhile. Only those who evaluate their campaigns precisely can guarantee in the long term that they will make optimum use of their advertising budget. Or, conversely, who doesn’t evaluate their advertising campaigns is wasting money – and who wouldn’t want to prevent this?

What are Amazon advertising reports?

Sellers and vendors who run advertising campaigns on Amazon via Seller Central (Seller) or AMS access (Vendors) have the option of downloading advertising reports to control campaign performance based on these reports. Within Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), users can download and evaluate a performance chart at campaign level on the one hand and a report at keyword level within the campaigns on the other. Sellers, on the other hand, can call up further advertising reports. But the goal is always the same: the advertising reports serve to identify which campaigns and Amazon keywords are performing well and which are performing poorly. Important data and key figures that can be retrieved via the advertising reports are e.g. expenses, income, CPC, aCPC and AcoS. These key figures are important control parameters for monitoring the performance of a campaign.

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Where can I find advertising reports on Amazon?

If you use AMS, you can download the most important performance data directly at the top left edge of the campaign overview with a simple click on the data export button. If you want to call up this data not only at campaign level but also at keyword level, first click on one of the advertising campaigns in the overview and then download the data export of the performance values within the individual campaign. In both cases, the user receives a table in CSV format, which he can use for his own evaluation purposes.

If you would like to download the advertising reports from your Amazon Seller Central, you will find a separate overview of your advertising reports on the Reports on the Advertising Reports tab. You will then be taken to a page with further explanations and the possibility of downloading six different types of reports, each containing different data and intended for individual purposes.

What advertising reports are available?

Depending on the intention, different types of advertising reports can be helpful for the evaluation. The following report types can be selected and downloaded in Seller Central:

  • performance over time
  • Power according to SKU
  • Performance after placement
  • Search term report
  • Other ASINs Report
  • Campaign performance report


Which reports are ultimately used to evaluate your own advertising campaigns should be decided individually. There is no right or wrong here. Depending on the products, product range and campaign structure, the benefits of the different report types can vary.