What is the Amazon Sales Coach?

Besides the Seller University there is also the Amazon Sales Coach. With this coach, Amazon wants to help the seller achieve greater sales success. With the help of personal recommendations, the effectiveness of the seller should be maximized. Additionally, the sales coach informs about further possibilities of sales optimization, such as:

Sales Opportunities:

Based on the latest inventory and sales data, Amazon estimates whether it is time to add to the inventory.

Amazon Brand Guide

Product suggestions:

Include products in the offer in which customers have recently shown interest and limited availability at Amazon.

Worldwide sales opportunities:

With Amazon Marketplace’s worldwide sales programs, products can be made available to international customers.

Use Amazon shipping:

The seller is made aware of products of high customer interest without “shipping through Amazon”, and is informed of the possible option.

Chances on the price hit:

With the help of “Take over price hit” the seller is enabled to set the currently lowest price for active offers on Amazon.de.

Quotations to be corrected:

Incorrect and hidden offers are marked with a note and can be corrected. Existing quality warnings for listed offers are marked and can be supplemented with the missing information.

Another advantage of the Amazon Sales Coach are its notifications on various sales opportunities, which take place in the following ways:

  • In the Seller Central directly
  • Email Recommendations
  • Amazon MWS


Amazon sales coach or Amazon agency?

The sales coach offers important features and information to keep an eye on your Amazon business, but it is not only important to keep an eye on key figures and offers. Just as important are factors such as the relevance and performance of a product, this is where the competence of an Amazon agency begins. Agencies possess a broad knowledge of the marketplace and are specialized in maximizing sales from products.