What is an Affiliate Program?

Products and services of sellers (merchants) can be advertised by distributors (affiliates) too, through Affiliate Programs. Distributors receive a provision for every product or service that has been successfully advertised. The amount of provisions is calculated taking into account some criteria such as advertising period, click, per thousand ads, acquired contacts or received orders.

Networks that provide an Affiliate Program

Affiliate networks are particularly helpful to connect sellers with the distributors or vice versa. Many networks have a wide range of sellers (advertisers) as well as distributors (publishers). You can obtain an access to these kind of affiliate portals with a simple registration on the relative websites. Moreover, the affiliate networks extend to a wide variety of branches and are active in international markets too.

Amazon Brand Guide

Awin (Zanox) – Affiliate Program

Awin (before Zanox) is an international affiliate marketing network that connects advertisers to publishers. Through the union of Zanox networks and Affiliate Window, the affiliate network has 15 headquarters worldwide and can thus connect particularly well its range with the local expertise.

Affilinet – Affiliate Program

Affilinet is one of the leading network in Europe and offers to publishers, advertisers and agencies elaborate solutions regarding Affiliate Marketing. The permanent success of partner programs and campaigns is ensured by the adoption of advanced technologies and data analysis. Currently, the Affiliate Network elates 3.500 advertisers and more than 700.000 publishers. Some countries covered by Affilinet are the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Amazon PartnerNet – Affiliate Program

The Amazon PartnerNet is a traditional affiliate network. The PartnerNet connects only indirectly sellers with the distributors. Through the free registration in PartnerNet you receive an access to the selection of more than one million products. A so-called “affiliate link” can be created for every product. With this link, Amazon can track if a user makes a purchase over it. Amazon offers distributors up to 10% provision for qualified sales. Every product department has its fixed advertisement´s reimbursement of costs. In products departments as furniture, clothing, jewelry and software downloads distributors can receive the highest provision of advertising reimbursement of costs. Amazon offers not only the opportunity to choose a wide range of products, but also the possibility to monitor your own number of sale and to overview traffic data.