What are Facebook Ads

Companies can use Facebook to place targeted advertisements. Through advertising tailored to the target group, own products, services and offers can be made known. In order to successfully implement Facebook marketing, the use of Facebook Ads is mandatory. The difference between conventional Search Engine Advertising and Facebook Ads is that Facebook Ads is an integrated component of Facebook. Advertisements placed on Facebook Ads are based on the information, interests and habits provided by Facebook users. Traditional search engine advertising, on the other hand, targets users based only on accepted search queries. To date, there is no other platform that offers advertising in the way that Facebook does. Another plus point for Facebook ads is the additional filtering options such as demographic and geographical data. The ads are played on all end devices such as desktop and smartphone. Companies often make use of an Amazon Marketing Agency that specializes in forwarding external traffic to Amazon products or Amazon Content and is particularly well versed in placing ads on various platforms.

Generate reach with Facebook Ads

In general, Facebook Ads can be used to place ads on content within Facebook or ads that refer to external websites. If you want to place Facebook Ads, you can choose among the categories awareness, consideration and conversion. These categories are divided into subcategories such as traffic, brand awareness, lead generation, catalogue sales etc..

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Facebook ads categories

After selecting the category, Facebook gives you the opportunity to assign a name to the ad you want to create. If several advertisements for the same product are placed with different target groups in the later course, the appropriate name assignment is a must. In order to get a good overview of the advertisements later on, the name should consist of the following elements: Target group, age, gender and product.

facebook ads advertising name

Each display type can be refined with further filter options. The filter options include, among others:

  • Country
  • City + radius around a city in miles
  • Age (from/to)
  • Gender (all, men, women)
  • Interests (e.g. Amazon, Ebay, etc.)
  • Categories (e.g. newly married, birthday, sports, mobile device, etc.)
  • Connections (persons who are fan/not fan of a Facebook page, etc.)
  • Are interested in men, women (or both)?
  • Relationship Status (Single, In a Relationship, Married, Engaged)
  • Language
  • Education (pupil, student, university degree)
  • Workplace
  • facebook ads audience
  • If a saved target group already exists, it can obviously be selected and used. It is just as important to define a budget; you can choose between a daily budget and a term budget.
  • facebook ads budget


Once the Facebook Ad has been created and filtered, Facebook shows us the potential reach and the approximate number of daily traffic results (reach and clicks). In the next step, Facebook allows you to design the look and feel of how the ad will be displayed to the customer and whether it will be broadcast on Instagram.

For whom are Facebook Ads suitable?

In general, Facebook ads are suitable for any company that wants either to increase brand awareness or redirect traffic to a particular content.