Amazon Payments – Features and advantages for buyers

If you have an account on and have placed your payment methods there, you can use Amazon Payments. This service can be used to pay goods and services on websites that do not belong to Amazon. Amazon Pay allows you to use any payment method you have specified. No further registration for the Service is required, only acceptance of the Terms of Use, for Amazon Payments, on the website you are paying.

Advantages of Amazon Payments

The service offered by Amazon has some advantages that make shopping more convenient:

Amazon Brand Guide

  • If the electronic money account is debited without authorization, an appeal may be lodged.
  • Amazon-A-to-Z warranty may apply to purchases
  • In the case of defective or different products, an objection can be presented against the transaction and a refund can be requested.
  • Payment data will not be forwarded to dealers (third parties)
  • Linked to the Amazon account
  • All payment methods stored in the account can be used

Amazon Payments features and benefits for merchants

Merchants can offer Amazon Payments as a service to contribute for expanding and maintaining its loyal customers. Through this convenient service for the customer, the shopping experience can be improved and the resulting or close customer relationship can be maintained.

Amazon provides simple, well-documented and API-driven integration for existing commerce platforms. E-commerce platforms include Shopify, Shopware, Prestashop, Opencart and more. The integration can be done through the free plug-in supplied by Amazon. If merchants already have existing payment transactions, Amazon Payments can be integrated into these through SDK files.

Clear advantages for dealers:

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • loyalty building
  • Credibility through Amazon as a payment method
  • Secure login for authentication and transaction
  • Transactions are conducted on your website
  • When ordering, the customer name and the verified e-mail address will be sent to you.
  • Amazon Payments is subject to constant further development
  • Amazon Payments is cross-device

Disadvantages of Amazon Payments

  • Gift certificates cannot be used for purchases made with Amazon Pay (on third party websites)