What is an Amazon Seller?

Amazon offers everyone the opportunity to sell their own products on the huge marketplace. To become an Amazon Seller you need to register for free. For a successful registration, not only company-related data, but also that of the beneficial owner (if different) and the bank data are required. As a seller you can decide whether you want to sell internationally or only domestically. For optimal user-friendliness, European marketplaces are served in the respective national language, which means that sellers do not require comprehensive language skills. This makes it easier for smaller retailers in particular to sell across Europe.

Fast shipping and easy listing

For the product listing, the Amazon seller can choose whether to use it manually or the tools provided by Amazon. Products are provided with a short description, which makes the process quick and easy. But the most important and best thing for the seller is storage and delivery via Amazon. There is no minimum stock size, even small stocks are possible.  Amazon takes over the delivery to other European countries and forwards the payment to the seller. Different payment options are offered on the platform, so that the customer is free to choose when and how to pay for the products. Especially reassuring for sellers is the fact that the receipt of money is automatically forwarded to the bank details deposited by the seller. Money receipts occur at regular intervals and always with a notification.

Amazon Brand Guide

Convenient advertising through Sponsored Products

The “Sponsored Products” area is a special service that is of particular interest to smaller retailers. Sellers have the possibility to advertise and thus determine the reach. The price for advertisements depends on the clicks, not on the size of the respective advertisement. The success of each ad placed can be viewed at any time with the integrated statistics tool in order to make appropriate optimizations if necessary. If a seller does not want to deal with the advertisements or does not understand them, an Amazon agency is often used. An Amazon agency can have a particularly positive effect on sales and appearance at Amazon. Agencies can particularly shine with experts and references.

Amazon Seller advantages in a nutshell:

  • free registration
  • simple listing
  • various usable tools
  • possible assumption of warehousing
  • possible takeover of logistics
  • regular information about stock
  • regular information on incoming payments
  • Advertising tools with statistics
  • Place ads


Amazon Seller vs Amazon Vendor

Amazon makes it relatively easy to become an Amazon Seller. In contrast, you must receive an invitation from Amazon to participate in the Amazon Vendor Program. Vendors have the possibility to sell large quantities of goods directly to Amazon and therefore act as suppliers.