What are Click Prices

The click price on Amazon plays an important role for the success of PPC or AMS campaigns and has a direct influence on the ACoS (Attributed Cost of Sales). Amazon gives the seller some tools to find the right click price for their own keywords.

Set bids for Amazon PPC

The Recommended Bid feature is based on a group of similar products that have won auctions, with similar products to your own. The recommended bids and bid range are updated daily and are based on the increase or decrease of competing bids and auctions. The bid margin indicates the area in which the highest bidding competitors place their bids.

Amazon Brand Guide

In the Keyword Bid field, an individual bid price can be set, regardless of the recommended bid or bid range. The minimum bid for Sponsored Products campaigns is 0,02€, for Headline Search Ads 0,10€ and for Product Display Ads 0,02€.

The keyword bid is the maximum click price for the Amazon keyword to which the seller is willing to pay. During the campaign, a standard bid can be selected for the entire campaign. Subsequently changed bids for individual keywords always have priority over the standard bid. After the campaign has been created, the bids for the keywords can only be changed individually.

Amazon PPC Costs

The costs for an advertising campaign are calculated according to the so-called cost-per-click method (CPC). The sellers only pay for clicks on their own advertisements, the impression costs nothing. This price is calculated in a bidding process with competing merchants and does not exceed the self-determined maximum amount of the own bid. The CPC can be (significantly) lower than your own keyword bid.

Amazon has a click validation to protect merchants from misuse with intentionally executed clicks on competitor advertisements. These clicks are removed from the statistics. Invalid clicks can occur for the following reasons:

  • Unusual click patterns
  • Machine generated clicks
  • double available clicks