What is Amazon Seller University?

As the name suggests, this program was created by Amazon as an education platform for Amazon retailers. Amazon provides a variety of tutorials and videos for specific seller-related topics. The focus of the Amazon Seller University is on imparting basic knowledge to starters, and all content is offered free of charge.

Amazon offers information on the following subjects:

  • quick start guide
  • Add products
  • Sell all over Europe
  • Shipping by Amazon
  • Product detail pages & shopping cart field
  • sales coach
  • Promote your products
  • seller performance
  • Automated price adjustment
  • Amazon Business
  • Improve your listings


Amazon Marketing Agency vs. Seller University

The quality of the Seller University is generally good. Basic knowledge is passed on to the seller in small and reasonable steps. It is highly recommended to take up and process the knowledge that is taught at the university. It is made as easy as possible, with different teaching materials in PDF format or direct links.

Amazon Brand Guide

For larger customers or companies that want to become sellers or even vendors, it is recommended to contact a professional Amazon marketing agency, because Amazon marketing agencies are specialized in the marketplace. By specializing in Amazon, several areas such as product optimization and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) are covered at the same time. Agencies of this kind can provide a wealth of experience and make it easier for large customers and smaller sellers with several products to save a lot of work and time.