FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

The term Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has shaped a whole scene. With the Amazon FBA program, many small retailers are venturing their first steps into self-employment. What exactly does Amazon FBA stand for? Amazon defines the “shipping through Amazon” service as follows:

Most Amazon sellers choose to ship through Amazon when they want to increase their sales  without having to invest more in logistics. Shipping through Amazon helps sellers of any size to expand their business activities within a few days from just selling in one country to selling all over Europe.

Shipping by Amazon includes a range of shipping solutions that enable Amazon retailers to sell faster and easier throughout Europe. If you use shipping by Amazon, you let Amazon store your products, remove them from the warehouse, pack them and send them to the customers.

Sign up for Amazon FBA

Participation in the Amazon FBA program is open to any retailer. When creating a new product detail page, all you have to do is select “Shipping by Amazon”, then send the stock to Amazon and Amazon will take care of the processing.

Amazon Brand Guide

Amazon describes the function ” shipping by Amazon” briefly and concisely.

Shipping through Amazon makes selling across Europe easier than ever.

Send your products to Amazon logistics centres and we’ll take care of the rest – from storage and issue of the Prime Offer status for your

Products on our marketplaces through to shipping, order tracking,

Customer service and returns throughout Europe.

Advantages of Amazon FBA

Send desired items to Amazon Logistics Center. Regardless of the quantity. From one unit to the entire stock everything is possible. Favourable shipping rates to the logistics centre through the use of Amazon’s partner tariffs. “Shipping by Amazon” can be changed in the settings at any time. Easy inventory monitoring through Amazon’s integrated online inventory management system. Amazon records the dimensions of items for storage “Shipping through Amazon” can help win the buybox. Better status than merchants who don’t use Amazon FBA. Customers can combine items that are also shipped through Amazon, this can help sell more.

  • Returns processing through Amazon
  • Customer support through Amazon
  • Shipping with shipment tracking by Amazon
  • Low shipping rates
  • Eligibility to participate in the Amazon Prime Program
  • Prime Logo on the product detail page


Amazon describes Pan-European shipping as follows:

Managing inventory across multiple marketplaces can be difficult and time-consuming. However, with the Pan-European shipping through Amazon, international sales become a very simple task.

Send your products to an Amazon logistics center in your home marketplace and see how your inventory is distributed automatically and in an intelligent manner to logistics centres throughout Europe, in regards to the expected demand.

This ultimate solution for sales in Europe puts an end to assumptions made during inventory management in several countries and gives you more time to focus on the growth of your business.

Because your inventory is intelligently distributed to logistics centers, which cover all European Amazon marketplaces, customers benefit from shorter delivery times for your products.

Avoid charges for cross-border shipping (see the European Mailing Network program), since only local shipping costs apply.

European Shipping Network

As a first step, it may be more attractive to use Amazon’s European shipping network to expand your business to other EU countries. The turnover limits of the individual export countries are important for the use of the European shipping network. After the turnover limit has been exceeded, a tax registration obligation arises in the exporting country.

Amazon defines the European shipping network as follows:

At the European Shipping Network you send your products to logistics centers in Germany and have the opportunity to place orders from customers on other European Amazon marketplaces. Your products stored in Germany can easily be purchased, removed from the warehouse, packed and shipped to customers who order at:

www.amazon.co.uk, www.amazon.fr, www.amazon.it and www.amazon.es

Simply send your goods to logistics centres in Germany, which simplifies the mailing of stock and storage costs.

Benefit from Prime authorization for fast delivery and local shipping charges for domestic orders.

Charges for the European Shipping Network (EFN charges) apply to the cross-border delivery of orders received on other European marketplaces.

Marketplace choice

There is also the option of selecting a marketplace. Here the dealer can determine in which countries his goods are to be stored and sold. With this variant there are also tax obligations and costs for the individual countries. This has to be considered when setting up this method.

Amazon defines the marketplace choice as follows:

Stock in the marketplace country

With stock in the marketplace country, you can determine to which countries you send your goods for storage. You can choose from logistics centres in all five Amazon marketplaces in the EU.

Your products will be stored closer to your customers in these countries, so buyers can choose faster delivery options. You also save EFN fees for cross-border delivery in these countries.

You have full control over which countries you want to ship inventory to for storage and Prime delivery options are available to your customers in those countries.

Take advantage of local shipping charges for sales in the marketplaces where you store products. Customers who buy in marketplaces where you do not store your products locally can have your items delivered across borders via the European shipping network.