What is Amazon Prime

Prime is a paid membership of Amazon that offers services that make shopping even more attractive. By obtaining this membership, various additional Amazon services can be consumed. The prime service, however, frequently includes free shipping for millions of items. In addition, prime articles generally are delivered quicker than articles without a prime label. Prime membership is only available to end-users aged 18 and over and it is prohibited to use it for resale purposes or for sending own products to customers.

How much does a Prime membership cost and what does it include?

Amazon Prime is priced at 69€ per year or 8,99€ per month. Students can use this service free of charge for a whole year. Prime membership includes shipping benefits for products, Prime Video, Amazon Channels, Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Premium access to special offers, Prime Photos, Twitch Prime and Amazon Pantry.

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Shipping advantages from Prime:

☑ free premium shipping of millions of articles

The items are shipped either by Amazon itself or by marketplace sellers (who offer Amazon Prime products)

☑ Free shipping by Same-Day (Evening-Express)

Only available for qualified items with a minimum order value of 20

If an order is purchased within a certain time frame, Amazon guarantees delivery on the same day between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. for the majority of items.

☑ low-cost shipping by Morning Express

What is Prime Video?

Prime Video enables unlimited streaming of films and series episodes for customers.

What is Amazon Channels?

Authorized Prime members have the possibility to purchase paid monthly bookings from channels and other entertainment services directly through Amazon Video.

Is Prime Music better than Spotify or similar?

Prime Music gives you free access to two million songs as well as selected playlists and a personal radio for customers. The special thing about Prime Music is that you can listen to everything offline, online and without advertising. Amazon Student or similar actions do not have access to this feature.

Special offers with premium access

With Premium Access, you can access content such as Prime Reading, Kindle Library, Amazon Flash, exclusive articles, prime deals and exclusive Amazon family deals.