Stock with Amazon FBA – Shipping by Amazon

FBA is short for “Fulfillment by Amazon” and means that the order processing is carried out by Amazon for a fee. Amazon is not only one of the largest platforms for consumers, but also for retailers and vendors. Sellers can decide whether to send their goods themselves (FBM) or use Amazon’s shipping service. Especially for retailers who sell their own products or goods, the FBA program can be worthwhile. Through FBA, retailers have virtually no physical contact with the goods, as Amazon takes full care of shipping and returns. In addition, FBA and FBM retailers are increasingly using an Amazon agency responsible for key sales processes, product optimization for better ranking and Amazon Marketing Services to maximize sales.

Stock with Amazon FBM

FBM is short for “Fulfillment by Merchant”, in the FBM variant the retailer himself takes responsibility for the dispatch, storage and customer service of his products. This option is suitable for sellers of niche products or custom-made products, as the Amazon fee is not charged in this case and the margin is correspondingly higher. In addition, retailers have greater control over the local storage of products. The shortcoming of fulfillment by merchant is that your own products are always displayed behind Amazon’s own products, thus limiting visibility for potential customers.

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Stock management with Magnalister

Magnalister offers a merchant the possibility to integrate and offer the goods from his own web shop on the most successful market places, such as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Allyouneed or, in order to automate subsequent processes. The tool is the clear market leader in this area and fits seamlessly into the shop system.

Benefits for a trader

  • Items can be uploaded directly from the shop to the desired marketplace.
  • Orders can be imported automatically
  • The order status of individual products can be compared
  • Orders, invoices and inventory can be managed centralized.
  • Hook-Point system for individual extensions

Stock management with Plentymarkets

Plentymarkets is another Omni-Channel solution for more than 43 platforms, including Zalando, Amazon, Otto and Google. With just a few clicks, products can be listed at home and abroad. Besides the connection of the market places there is the possibility to create an online shop with responsive design for free. Plentymarkets are supported not only online but also offline by connecting stationary trading with personal online trading via an integrated POS system. Additional functions such as order processing, merchandise management, CRM, payment processing, shipping processes and much more are also covered.

Stock management with JTL

JTL-Software is one of the leading manufacturers of e-commerce software in German-speaking countries. With JTL-Wawi, the company offers a seamless connection of merchandise management to eBay and Amazon.

Further possibilities and functions are:

  • JTL-Shop (shop system)
  • JTL.connectors (connection of external shop systems)
  • JTL-WMS (Warehouse Management)