Amazon customer satisfaction

For every seller, whether at Amazon, other web shops or in the shop next door, customer satisfaction should be the top priority. While recommendations or negative things about purchased products in the retail trade still spread about friends and acquaintances, it is completely different with Amazon. Here customers have the opportunity to communicate their experience with a purchased item visibly to all people.

At Amazon this works with a rating between 1 to 5 stars, where 1 star stands for a dissatisfied customer rating and 5 stars means a particularly good customer review. In addition, customers have the opportunity to briefly or extensively describe why they are so satisfied or dissatisfied with the purchased item.

Amazon Brand Guide

Whether ratings have an influence on the ranking at Amazon is not 100 percent confirmed. However, the online shop earns with every product sold. Since you can assume that products that have a good rating are usually more likely to be purchased than items with a bad rating, Amazon should have a strong interest in listing them high up.

Positive customer reviews generate trust

A good Amazon review is also an important indicator for potential new customers. The reason for this is that buyers are more likely to choose products that others have already bought and deemed good. In addition to the number of small yellow stars, the number of ratings also plays a role. The more reviews there are, the more meaningful the customer rating becomes.

What can be the reasons for a negative customer opinion?

Generally, traders should act and react quickly and individually to negative customer ratings. The better a customer feels cared for, the more trust he can build up with the trader. This is of course always a bit more difficult in online trading than in retail, so you shouldn’t use general phrases, but rather deal specifically with the dissatisfaction of the individual customer.

If a certain dissatisfaction occurs more frequently, it may also be due to the description, the product pictures or similar factors. If buyers complain e.g. about the size of a product, the condition or the color, one should look whether one should supplement and/or extend the picture bar by further or more meaningful photos. Frequently asked questions about a product can be clarified in the Bullet Points or the product description in advance, so that a certain frustration will sometimes not arise at all.

If the dissatisfaction concerns individual cases, the customer can be satisfied with the exchange of the goods, a credit note, practical hints for use or similar. Here, too, the more individual the customer is, the better he feels he is advised.

Can a negative rating be converted into a positive one?

Customers have the possibility to change their rating of a product again. Of course, this applies not only from negative to positive, but also the other way around. Therefore it is worthwhile to deal with displeasure or dissatisfaction of a buyer. Because a negative review can sometimes affect a trader’s overall result.