Amazon BuyBox

The Amazon BuyBox, the so-called “shopping cart field”, is located on the product detail page in the upper right corner. In this area you will find the price, the shipping method and the button “Add to cart”.

Why is the BuyBox so important for the Amazon retailer?

The ideal case for an Amazon seller is, of course, when he is the only one offering a product. In this case, the BuyBox usually goes directly to him and he can concentrate on pushing his Amazon bestseller ranking product up to as many Amazon keywords as possible.

Amazon Brand Guide

The situation is different for resellers, i.e. traders who offer exactly the same products at Amazon as other providers. All Amazon sellers who offer their goods in the “new” category are listed in groups, and only one of them can win the BuyBox. This “winner” is then also the one who will earn the most sales for the respective product. It will be extremely difficult for all other suppliers to act as sellers. In order to obtain the list of other suppliers, a customer has to click on the small area “XX new from EUR XX” in order to be able to view it). Experience shows that hardly any buyers go the way. For most of them, the way goes directly to the shopping cart and the sales thus logically to the retailer with the BuyBox.

Also in the mobile version it will not be easier for sellers who are only somewhere on the BuyBox list. Here the buyer has to scroll down to the button “Add to shopping cart” and “Buy now” to be able to click on the small section. Hardly any customer wants to fight his way through the offer jungle for a long time, but wants to conclude the purchase quickly, especially when it comes to “cheaper” products.

How can sellers win the BuyBox?

Amazon does not reveal exactly what a seller has to do to win the BuyBox, but the whole dealer performance should be accurate to improve his chances. In many cases, however, it can be observed that the supplier who sells the product at the lowest price lands in the BuyBox. Here, the offer price and the shipping costs are added together.

In order to increase the probability of landing in the “shopping cart field”, merchants should consider other aspects in addition to the carefully considered pricing. Here is a small example of what you should consider when optimizing and controlling the performance on Amazon:

Availability of a product: there should always be enough products in stock

Shipping time:

  • the delivery of the goods should be done quickly
  • Good reviews
  • Low return rate
  • Reliability

Response time to customer inquiries: fast and individual addressing of customer questions

With the same sales prices, a successful sales performance is particularly important and decisive for winning the BuyBox. In exceptional cases, it can even beat a lower offer price.

What other options do Amazon dealers have to land in the BuyBox?

Generally, as a seller you should consider in advance whether you want to offer products that are already offered by other retailers. Ideally, you should offer your own unique products for sale at Amazon or relabel them under your own brand. Of course, this variant is not possible for every product. Especially not if the product is already a branded product.