What is Amazon ranking?

The product catalog is used as the basis for an optimal Amazon ranking. The Amazon catalog consists of over 30,000 different categories, from which the right one must be selected. Each main category has additional sub-categories in which the product can also be positioned or assigned. Products can, therefore, have several rankings.

Amazon has an algorithm that evaluates products according to specific criteria. These criteria consist of various components and influence the ranking.

Amazon Brand Guide

Amazon optimization can improve Amazon’s ranking and thus optimize the performance and relevance of a product. As a rule, Amazon always evaluates according to the following rule of thumb: keyword relevance = how appropriate the entered search phrase fits a specific product.

The most important Amazon ranking factors

The most important factors are limited to the visible area of a buyer, these consist of:

  • Title
  • Bullet points
  • Product description


The title provides space for approximately 120-150 characters (maximum 200 characters) to develop a product title. It should be short, incisive, sales-boosting and should contain the most important Amazon keywords. The bullet points offer 5 list points/bullet points with approximately 200 characters each, for the appropriate product attributes. A maximum of 2,000 characters (for “normal” sellers) can be used in the product description. Here you can learn more about the product and its special specifications.

The special characteristic of an Amazon optimization

An Amazon optimization essentially focuses on relevance and performance. The relevance is reflected in the keywords in the title, in the general keywords, in the bullet points and in the product description. Performance, on the other hand, can be measured by the sales rank (bestseller rank), the rate of order defects, the cancellation rate of orders and the rate of delayed deliveries. Negative evaluations of returns, policy violations and contact response time also play an important role. Additionally, it is possible to increase the conversion significantly with an Amazon optimization.

Conversion is significantly influenced by three factors:

  • Retail price
  • Reviews
  • Product pictures


The selling price should always meet the expectations of the potential buyer. Please consider that a too low as well as too high price can be an obstacle to sales. Special attention has been paid to product reviews, the more positive the better it is for you. Usually products with 4 to 5 stars convert better. The external appearance of the product is important as well (how well-selected the product images are), the more stimulating they are, the better it is. Good product images can be a significant reason for a purchase as well as product reviews.