Amazon Prime Air – Reality or Fiction?

It may seem science fiction, but it’s real. Amazon Prime Air is a service that delivers packages by drone. The small drones can carry a weight of up to 2.5kg. The delivery can take place within 30 minutes, within a radius of about 16km. The drone itself has a weight of 25kg.

So far, this service has been tested in Amazon Prime Air development centres. These are in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, France and Israel. On December 7, 2016, a package was successfully delivered to the customer by drone for the first time. He lived near the logistics centre. It took just 13 minutes from order entry on the Internet to completion of delivery. Prime Air is also working on an environmentally friendly system that will improve the existing service for millions of customers.

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Prime Air – Is Safety Guaranteed?

Security is Amazon’s top priority. Advanced technologies such as sense and avoid technology have been used. This technology avoids collisions in the air and improves air traffic safety. This military security technology is often used for unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition, analyses are being conducted in the UK to further improve both the safety and reliability of Prime Air’s operations. The data collected will enable this innovation to be introduced to Amazon buyers in the future.

In What Weather Is Delivery by Amazon Prime Air Possible?

Currently, Amazon Prime Air can deliver during the day and just when there is little wind. The visibility must also be perfect and there should be no rain, snow or hail. Once the initial experience has been gained to improve safety and reliability, Amazon Prime Air will work on a broader scope.

When Will the Prime-Air Delivery Option Be Available on Amazon?

Now Amazon does not yet give an exact date. It is only certain that this vision will be introduced one day and that Amazon Prime Air vehicles will become as normal as usual postbuses.

Many different vehicle designs and delivery mechanisms are currently being tested to see what works best in practice. In development, the look and feel of the vehicles will emerge as this process continues to evolve.

The goal is clear: to deliver an Amazon Prime Air delivery to the customer in less than 30 minutes, worldwide.