How does copying campaigns under AMS work?

Can I copy AMS advertising campaigns?

Yes, campaigns created via Amazon Marketing Services can be copied and modified with a simple click (Amazon Copy Campaign). For example, a certain product set can easily be advertised for further Amazon keywords or at a different click price under a second campaign. All running and already finished campaigns can be copied. Even unauthorized campaigns can be copied and the necessary changes made to meet Amazon guidelines so that the campaign can be unlocked by Amazon.

How can campaigns be copied under AMS? How does “Copy Campaign” work?

The copy function can be found directly in the campaign overview. On the right side within the column with the headline “Actions” you will find the entry “Copy” for each campaign. Clicking on this link opens a new campaign design with the same content as the original campaign. The name of the campaign is also the same, with only the suffix”(1)”. After you have made a few changes to the copied campaign, you can save the design at the bottom of the editing view as usual.

Amazon Brand Guide

Does a copied campaign has the same Startdate and Enddate like the original campaign?

A copied campaign has the start date of the day on which the campaign was copied. The end date is automatically selected so that the runtime of the copied campaign is the same as the runtime of the original campaign. If the start date and end date for the original advertising campaign were chosen as 10/5 or 11/5, a campaign copied five days later has the start and end date 10/10 or 11/10.

Does a copied campaign go live immediately after copying?

No, copying a campaign does not activate it immediately. The copied campaign is first created as a draft so that changes can be made before the campaign goes live. For example, headlines, logos, keywords, click bids and products can be changed before the ad is displayed. After saving, Sponsored Products Ads (SPA) are entitled to start immediately. Product Display Ads (PDA) and Headline Search Ads (HSA), on the other hand, are only checked by Amazon for compliance with Amazon guidelines before they are launched. This usually takes 1-2 working days.