Amazon Advertisements

If you market products on Amazon, you can showcase your articles both organically and inorganically. Similar to Google, Amazon also offers the possibility to run SEO and SEA. While Amazon SEO tries to feed its product listing with keywords that are as relevant and traffic-optimized as possible at the major parts, SEA is mainly about working conversion-oriented, i.e. setting up advertising campaigns with keywords that are particularly relevant for the users and encourage them to buy as often as possible. In what is probably the world’s best-known marketplace, sellers have a variety of ads at their disposal for SEA (Search Engine Advertising).

What are Amazon ads?

The well-known Amazon advertisements, which can be placed by the sellers in their Seller Central or within Amazon Marketing Services, all run according to the classic PPC principle (pay per click). Several merchants usually bid on the application of a certain keyword. The seller who places the highest bid wins the auction, so that when a customer enters the same keyword in the search engine, his ad is displayed. However, the retailer will not be charged for the advertisement broadcast until a customer has actually clicked on the advertisement. He pays the bid per click.

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What ads are available on Amazon?

The most important ads that sellers can place on Amazon are sponsored products, headline search ads and product display ads. Further advertising possibilities are offered by AAP and AMG (more details further down).

Sponsored Products (SPA)

This is probably the most popular form of advertising. The sponsored products appear in the search results list on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) above and below the organically listed articles. Externally, they hardly differ from the organic listings, which is why they are considered particularly effective.

Headline Search Ads (HSA)

The headline search ads appear above the search results list on the SERP and therefore occupy a particularly present position. When a customer clicks on an HSA, depending on where he clicks on the HSA, he either gets to a landing page on which the seller can list several items individually, or directly to a product detail page.

Product Display Ads (PDA)

Product display ads are a form of advertising that is broadcast in various places and usually on a product detail page. The display advertising can therefore be broadcast below the bullet points or the buybox, for example. Product display ads are therefore the only form of advertising that can be used directly on the detail page of a competitor’s product.

Advertise with the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)

The Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) programmatically links advertising campaigns with Amazon customers and other well-attended websites. With AAP, merchants can reach their customers on almost all channels, regardless of whether they are currently on the move via app or watching a streaming video.

AAP is an extremely extensive costruct and contains a large number of formats such as the integration of Amazon’s eCommerce functions. In addition, users of AAP can use well-known Amazon elements such as the shopping cart button, customer ratings or other product information externally. In this way, potential buyers can also buy outside of Amazon in their own Amazon Shop.

Advertise with Amazon Media Group (AMG)

Within Amazon, in addition to the product display ads already mentioned above, there is another way of display-advertising. With the Amazon Media Group, AMG for short, customers can broadcast special display ads on Amazon that do not target products on Amazon (product display ads), but forward the user to an external destination, e.g. their own shop. In this way, traffic can be directed away from Amazon to your own destination pages.