What is an Amazon review?

Amazon customers have the possibility, whether positive or negative, to publish a review or customer opinion / customer rating of articles, prerequisites for a customer rating are an Amazon account and at least one successful order. Amazon wants to encourage authentic feedback through customer reviews. A general distinction is made between normal Amazon reviews and Amazon reviews with the addition “verified purchase”. Ratings receive this mark after Amazon has checked with the reviewer whether the product to be rated has actually been purchased (However, an exception is made for ratings of products purchased at a high discount and will not be displayed as a “verified buyer”.

 Where are Amazon reviews located?

The customer ratings can be found on each product detail page further down in the section “Customer ratings and answers”.

Amazon Brand Guide

 Amazon optimization – how important are Amazon reviews

Reviews play a significant role and are one of the most important success factors in the Amazon cosmos. If you are an Amazon seller and would like to increase or improve your ranking with your products, positive reviews can be an important lever. Especially for end customers, reviews of an article are a decisive reason to buy, the more positive reviews the more likely it is to be bought. It can be assumed that products with many positive reviews have a significantly more appealing effect on users. An Amazon optimization is the first step for the possible increase of customer reviews.

How can I affect Amazon reviews?

External traffic sources (e.g. social media networks such as Instagram) can help generate more purchases, which could lead to more Amazon reviews.

After about 50 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars, the conversion rate increases significantly and leads to a significantly higher click and purchase probability (according to the “Macht der Sterne” study by Bosch/Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH (BSH), HTW Aalen – E-Commerce and Chair of International Business Administration).