What is the click-through rate (CTR)?

The Click Through Rate (CTR) is a performance measurement index that measures the number of clicks on an advertisement or other object in relation to the total number of impressions. For example, if a sponsored product ad is displayed a hundred times and customers have clicked on the ad ten times, the click-through rate is 10%. When an online merchant uses Amazon Marketing Services to run advertising campaigns to boost sales, this metric can help them see how attractive the ad is to their customers or to viewers in general. It is possible, for example, for the retailer to carry out a so-called A/B testing by starting two almost identical advertising campaigns for the advertising of a product, which differ only in their title image. If one of the two campaigns now achieves higher values at CTR, the trader can deduce that the cover image of the ad with the higher click through rate may be more suitable for his campaign. He then continues the campaign with the better CTR value while discarding the other campaign.

How can I improve the click-through rate?

If you are not satisfied with your CTR and want to get more visitors to click on the target object or the advertisement, you should focus on the relevance of your content and ask yourself how you can create incentives to encourage visitors to click. The more relevant and attractive the content of the ad, the more often visitors click on it.

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It is often tried to almost beg the visitor to click on a particular post or ad with a so-called click bait. Most of us know the various pictures or videos on Facebook or other content platforms, where a preview post in the headline concludes with a sentence like”… what happened then is incredible!” Here the viewer is made curious and interested in more. Of course, providing incentives to click also works by other means. Attractive or unusual images, a particularly high or low price, expert opinions, particularly bright or unusual colors, etc. The possibilities are almost endless, but you should always keep in mind that you can’t promise more than you can deliver – otherwise this can have a negative effect on the conversion rate.

Ultimately, it is generally important to announce or present content in your contributions and advertisements that is as relevant, attractive and special as possible for the site visitor. It’s like a headline in the newspaper: The viewer must be picked up and addressed in a way that suits him and his individual wishes and needs. To do this, one must first understand how the visitors or viewers of a website or an advertisement ” ticks “. Once the target group has been identified and their peculiarities and wishes have been understood, the key to a maximum click through rate is yours.