What is cross channel marketing?

In cross-channel marketing, several advertising measures are used throughout several channels to market a product or service. The advertising media should be well coordinated in order to effectively reach their corresponding target group.

In order for a brand or company to develop a clear strategy for itself, it is necessary to know its target group as well as possible. Where and how do potential customers inform themselves? This is a question that should be clarified in advance.

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The most diverse channels should then be given a homogeneous look so that, for example, a specific product can be remembered by the customer. This often results in a mix of classic advertising media (e.g. product ads, TV commercials, etc.) and online marketing campaigns via social media, your own website, mobile communication, etc.

Especially in the online sector there are more and more frequent and faster changes to which brands and companies must adapt flexibly.

How can a possible cross channel marketing measure look like?

A seller of cuddly socks places a sponsored ad on Facebook. Here he might show a little video, of how great his socks are. Interested customers click on this ad and are then taken to a landing page that has the same look as the previously placed ad. Here the potential customer gets even more information about the socks and in addition the option to go directly to the online shop via a “buy button”, which also visually matches the rest of the campaign.

How can cross channel marketing for a product on Amazon look like?

Sellers who want to sell their products via Amazon can of course also forward the customer described in the cross channel marketing measure to Amazon.

Since many customers with a direct purchase option often already search for their desired product directly via Amazon, one could assume that further marketing measures are no longer necessary. However, that is not true, since customers will not look for products that they do not know. That’s why retailers should consider exactly how and where to address their customers.

Amazon itself offers retailers marketing measures to better place their product. On the one hand, this is done through a targeted Amazon optimization, where you as a provider should consider exactly what potential customers are looking for, including which synonyms they might use. In addition, targeted advertising campaigns directly on Amazon can increase the sale and awareness of a product.

In addition, external traffic can also direct customers to Amazon via blog posts, newsletters, affiliate sites, landing pages and much more.

Why is cross channel marketing important?

As your own target group is using more and more different platforms, companies should address them exactly where they can be found. Since this can rarely be limited to just one communication channel, it is often important to take several measures. Since these are constantly coordinated in cross-channel marketing, it is easier for customers to establish a connection.