What Is One Click Shopping?

One-Click-Shopping, also known as 1-Click or one-click-buying, is the purchase process that is completed within a single click. One-click shopping is only possible if information about the customer, the delivery address and the desired payment method has been entered for an earlier purchase or registration. This type of purchase aims to save the customer as much time as possible while shopping. In addition, the collection of products in a shopping cart is bypassed.

One Click Shopping on Amazon

Amazon is a good example of the successful implementation of this One Click Shopping method. Amazon customers who have entered their payment information and delivery address can easily purchase an item quickly and without going through the shopping cart with a simple login and a single click on the “Buy now with 1-Click®” button. The accepted payment methods are exclusively payment by direct debit or credit card. The placed order is automatically sent to the delivery address and paid with the payment method.

Amazon Brand Guide

If a customer has several delivery addresses, these are displayed under the “Now with 1-Click®” button. If a customer purchases several articles within a short time, the orders are combined into as few deliveries as possible. Each customer can change or cancel his orders within a 15 minute time window.

The basic requirement for the One Click Shopping solution is the acceptance of cookies by the browser. With the cookies, which are small data sequences, Amazon can identify the customer account and assign the orders to the customer account. If the browser does not accept Amazon’s cookies, items can be collected regularly in the shopping cart and are paid for afterwards.

Advantages and Disadvantages of One-Click Shopping


Time saving for the customer

customer loyalty

Increased customer trust


Assumes customer confidence

Misuse possible