What are influencers?

Influencers can be, for example, influential bloggers, online marketers or SEOs. Many companies rely on so-called influencer marketing in order to distribute their content or products specifically to suitable persons. Influencers are particularly sought after because of their reach, reputation or expert status.

Companies pursue various goals with Influencer:

  • Increase company visibility
  • Branding / increase brand awareness
  • traffic forwarding
  • link building
  • Generate sales through traffic

Generally Inlfuencer can be divided into different groups:

Power Influencer (>250,000 followers)

They usually dominate several niches, own several social media channels and have a very large reach and number of followers. Power Influencers are usually very expensive, but mostly deliver good results and are especially suitable for branding.

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Standard Influencer (50,000 to 250,000 followers)

Usually they dominate a single social media channel and a niche. They are the “Lite Version” of power influencers.

Micro Influencer (10,000 to 50,000 followers)

Micro-influencers are particularly suitable for the distribution of products and the forwarding of traffic. In most cases, they can even deliver better results than standard and power influencers. Even though they have a smaller range than the other two influencer forms, they have a particularly precise and qualitative “fanbase”.

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Finding suitable influencers as cooperation partners depends on the respective market as well as on the target group. In every industry and target group there are certain opinion leaders who have a particular influence on the respective target group. However, not everyone who calls himself an influencer is an influencer. The following factors provide clues as to whether an inlfuencer is suitable for a company:

  • Activity online
  • Activity on other social media networks
  • Credibility
  • Number of relevant contacts
  • Number of fans and followers
  • Expert status on a specific topic


How do I find Influencer?

Influencers can be found in any social media network. If you want to draw attention to a product and brand the company, the social media portal Instagram is worth starting with. Instagram provides many niches and especially many influencers that influence these niches.

Companies often rely on agencies that specialize in identifying and contacting influencers. Most agencies even have their own pool of influencers, which even simplifies the workflow. If agencies are not involved, companies often contact influencers via email. Companies should always check to what extent their own content is relevant for the influencer. Every niche and every target group needs targeted content. It makes no sense to hire a fitness influencer to promote coffee products.